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Furniture quilting

Exquisite quilting makes a stylish addition to any interior. This is why PP Plus also quilts furniture. We provide comprehensive and professional services for the upholstery and furniture industries.

Thread quilting has been used as a decorative upholstery technique for many years. Undertaken manually in the past, it is now carried out with special machines which cover fabrics with highly imaginative patterns.

Here at PP Plus, we have been specialising in thread quilting for over 20 years now. Our services are also addressed to furniture business owners seeking a reliable contractor to provide upholstery fabric finishing.

We quilt various furniture items:

  • sofas and couches
  • corner sofas
  • armchairs
  • chairs
  • poufs
  • bed frames.

Quilting gives furniture an elegant touch and makes it more comfortable.

In addition to furniture quilting, we also offer quilting of bed linens and gloves.

Our catalogue includes a wide range of quilting patterns that can be easily matched to specific furniture types, styles and uses. We make classic and highly complex quilting designs.

PP Plus has many years of quilting experience. We have cutting-edge quilting machines and other equipment to provide top-level services. We also sell fabrics and non-wovens for quilting.

PP Plus – Furniture Quilting – enjoy our services!