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Ultrasonic welding

Choose ultrasonic welding for durable combinations to achieve an aesthetic finish that resembles a traditional thread quilting effect. The service is available from PP Plus!

Ultrasonic welding of fabrics is a special technique used to join fabrics by using ultrasound – based on applying a high-frequency vibration. It does not require threads and needles to combine two, three or more fabrics together.

With ultrasonic welding, the fabrics are joined for a lasting effect so that they are highly resistant to tearing and deformation caused during use. Choose from a wide range of patterns to give your fabrics an appealing look.

Ultrasonic welding of fabrics is applied in a number of industries, including:

  • automotive industry
  • furniture industry
  • clothing industry
  • footwear industry.

Ultrasonic welding of fabrics is gaining popularity, and we provide professional services in this respect to meet the expectations of our customers.

We have a modern base that provides world-class services in fabric welding and quilting. Our staff is always ready to be of assistance, to help you choose the best solutions. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

PP Plus – furniture quilting – enjoy our services.