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Ultrasonic quilting

Modern ultrasonic quilting technology makes it possible to prepare highly durable and aesthetic patterns on fabrics and non-wovens without the need to use threads or needles. Ultrasonic quilting is now also available from PP Plus!

During ultrasonic quilting, the material heats up by applying high-frequency vibrations, which bonds the textile layers together in the required embossed pattern design.

Key advantages of ultrasonic quilting:

  • exceptionally durable bonding of fabrics
  • quilting without threads and needles
  • no micro holes or unravelling after quilting
  • spectacular patterns unattainable with the traditional technique
  • suitable for various fabrics and non-wovens.

The ultrasonic quilting technology has a wide range of applications in the manufacture of materials for various industries.

Applications of ultrasonic quilting:

  • clothing industry – outerwear
  • automotive industry – materials for car seats
  • manufacture of mattress protectors
  • upholstered furniture
  • accessories
  • and other industries.

Our company has been engaged in the quilting of fabrics and non-wovens, including ultrasonic quilting, for many years. With our cutting-edge machines, we are able to create a plethora of quilting patterns on fabrics and non-wovens. We also sell materials for quilting.


PP Plus – ultrasonic quilting – enjoy our services!