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Quilting for equestrians

We have been specialising in quilting for equestrianism for many years. To learn more about our services in this respect, see the corresponding section on our website.

Characteristic quilting patterns have been associated with equestrianism for centuries. Horse riding is an activity where quilted products are appreciated due to their excellent protective and insulation properties.

Here at PP Plus, we meet the expectations of the equestrian industry by offering a wide range of quilting services as well as selling fabrics and non-wovens intended for quilting.

Our customers enjoy products like:

  • saddlecloths
  • horse blankets
  • leg wraps
  • rider wear.

Our catalogue presents hundreds of patterns that can be used on the above products. They include classic quilting patterns, such as rhombuses, as well as more imaginative, original motifs that immediately attract the eye.

We quilt on materials up to 240 cm wide. We work with fabrics provided by the customer but we also offer the possibility of buying our fabrics. Our product range includes a plethora of fabric types and non-wovens for thread quilting, which also proves excellent for equestrianism.

Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to provide top-quality quilting services. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we keep growing to provide premium customer service to everyone.

PP Plus – quilting for horse riding – enjoy our services!