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About Us

We have been quilting fabrics and non-wovens since 1996. Our business started as “Ilex-Pikowanie”, but over time its name and form of ownership changed. Currently as PP Plus, we are one of Poland’s oldest, largest and most successful enterprises in the quilting industry. Our most important goals are customer satisfaction and sustained relations with our business partners.

We provide comprehensive services and guarantee the best quality at affordable prices. With our cutting-edge machines, we can deliver all orders quickly and professionally. We have backstitch and chain stitch quilting machines, cutters, sewing machines, and winders/rewinders. We know that professional equipment and highly qualified staff are the key to success, which is why we continue to invest in and grow this area of our business.

We also expand our portfolio of services, to adapt to the needs and expectations of our customers. We quilt our own fabrics as well as those you provide, up to 240 cm wide. We have hundreds of quilting patterns, together in one catalogue. You can also create your own unique pattern for us to adapt to our machines. Before undertaking major orders, we offer test quilting. Moreover, despite being one of Poland’s largest quilting companies, we are equally open to all customers. We treat the largest enterprises the same as the smallest.

Our long experience in the market of quilting fabrics and non-wovens inspired us to engage in activities connected with the manufacture of mattresses. We provide these products to retail customers as well as to furniture companies, hotels and pensions. With us you can design your own mattress, using your choice of materials in any configuration, or buy a finished product.

To learn more about our services, see the corresponding section on our website.